Clearance Lamp Socket & Wire Right Hand

About this product

The Clearance Lamp Socket & Wire Right Hand (#81615-87705), a crucial component of Toyota’s Electrical Front Turn Signal Lamp and Electrical Spot Lamp systems, provides an essential connection point for the clearance lamp. This authentic Toyota part assists in transmitting electrical power from your vehicle's electrical system to the clearance lamp, thus facilitating its illumination. As this part ages or deteriorates, it may lose its efficiency, leading to a faulty or non-functional clearance lamp. This scenario can potentially compromise the visibility of your vehicle on the road, posing safety risks. Therefore, periodic replacement of the Clearance Lamp Socket & Wire Right Hand (#81615-87705) is highly recommended. By utilizing genuine Toyota parts, you maintain optimal vehicle compatibility and can have peace of mind, knowing that these parts are supported by Toyota's authentic parts warranty. In addition, the efficient functioning of this part significantly contributes to the overall safety of the vehicle's lighting systems.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 81615-87705

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