Extension Housing Dust Seal Retainer

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The Extension Housing Dust Seal Retainer (#33145-30010) is a crucial component in the Drive-Chassis Extension Housing and Transfer Case systems of both automatic and manual transmissions. It serves a primary role in protecting the transmission's extension housing from dust and other airborne particles, maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of the system. This retainer works in conjunction with the extension housing dust seal, forming a protective barrier against harmful contaminants. If the retainer becomes broken or non-functional, dust and debris can infiltrate the system, potentially causing serious damage. Therefore, it is vital to replace this part periodically to maintain optimal function and longevity. By using genuine Toyota parts, compatibility and quality are always upheld. Toyota's genuine parts are backed by a comprehensive warranty, offering you peace of mind with every purchase. In essence, the Extension Housing Dust Seal Retainer (#33145-30010) enhances the effectiveness and safety of your vehicle's transmission system, preserving its overall health and performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 33145-30010

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