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The Bumper without Color (#52119-35901), a vital body part in Toyota's Front Bumper without Color (#52119-35901) & Bumper without Color (#52119-35901) Stay system, primarily serves as a shield for the front or rear end of your vehicle. During operation, this part absorbs impact in minor collisions, protecting important components such as the engine and cooling system. Genuine Toyota Bumper without Color (#52119-35901)s are designed to be perfectly compatible with your vehicle and are covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. When a Bumper without Color (#52119-35901) is old or damaged, it may not provide the intended level of protection, potentially leading to more severe damage in minor collisions. Hence, periodic replacement is crucial. A well-maintained Bumper without Color (#52119-35901) significantly enhances the safety of your vehicle by reducing damage and possibly preventing injury.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 52119-35060-B0;52119-35060-A0;52119-35060-B1;52119-35060-C0;52119-35060-D0;52119-35060-F0;52119-35060-J0;52119-35060-J1 More
Part Number 52119-35901

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