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  • TRD Forged Alloy Wheel


    Lighter than their cast counterparts, hot forged wheels have a higher strength-to-weight ratio, helping k...

  • TRD Installation Kit for use with 14mm conical seat applications. This kit includes 16 Spline Drive Lug N...

  • The PLUS wheel installation kit is for use with all 12-mm. conical seat applications. The kit includes: s...

  • TRD Lug Nuts


    TRD, 14mm Lug Nuts, Chrome Spline-Drive Conical-Seat

  • This is the traditional TRD Chrome, Spline-Drive, CONICAL-SEAT lugnut with a captured conical swivel wash...

  • Service Part This is a Wheel Trim service part.

  • Wheels, TPMS ECU


    TPMS ECU to be used for FJ that is equipped with TRD wheels with BFG All Terrain tires.  Applicable ...

  • Wheel Cap - TRD


    Replacement TRD Center Cap, Clear Satin Finish, for use with Matte Black 19 inch TRD wheel (PTR20-52110).

  • Nothing changes the stance of your xB like an aggressive set of rims. Bolt on these 19-in. wheels, then s...